What I Learned About Running a (Small) Business

What I Learned About Running a (Small) Business

"I have never worked a day in my life without selling. If I believe in something, I sell it and I sell it hard."

I love that quote by Estee Lauder. I can totally relate to what she is saying and I guess more so because it pretty much encapsulates what my life is right now.

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to sell. I wanted to sell in the department store, in the supermarket, in the neighborhood bakery, in the school canteen. The whole idea of talking to customers, punching in their purchase in the cash register, wrapping their items and putting it inside the bag without forgetting to write that big check mark on the receipt (with a red pen at that!) and attaching it on the bag with a stapler — these all just fascinated me! I would admire the sales ladies (in their stockings and high heels, mind you) and the prettily made-up cashiers... and I said that someday, I will be like them!

Fast forward to today and here I am now running my own little shop! I have something I can already call my own business. 

But like all dreams worth pursuing, it hasn't been easy. I have learned so much in the past months of putting up Grace Home, running it, and growing it.

Here are my first thoughts about being an entrepreneur :

1. Passion plus commitment can create something out of nothing

I am proud to call it my own because I built it from scratch, from ground zero —and yes, I built it on my own. I am proud to have it carry my name, for through and through, this is something that bears my life and soul. I love it the way a mother loves, protects and cares for her own child. Therefore, it is also my dream to see it grow to its full potential.

2. Despite all my best plans, things can sometimes go wrong

In the 3 months that I’ve had this small business, I’ve also gotten my few bumps and bruises along the way. Suppliers not meeting my deadlines, product research and development not progressing as I planned it to be, inaccurate sales reports, losing inventory and yes, even me breaking my own product! (You can already imagine how I beat myself up for this!)

3. The hard work allows me to reap rewards

In the same breath, I can also say that in the short span of time I’ve had this baby, I’ve also experienced a lot of highs, joys, and triumphs. Receiving good customer feedback, getting more orders from all over the Philippines and also a few from other countries now (yesssss!!!), selling out on all my stocks in trunk shows and pop up events, being featured in the press, and more importantly, being recognized now (as not just a blogger) but --- as an ENTREPRENEUR, and yes, a real entrepreneur at that -- no matter how small this business of mine may be.

Dear Spoiled Mummies, know that you are never too young, too old, "too mummy" to pursue your passions! Don't let anyone or anything stop you from dreaming and going for it. Here's to us, the new generation of #MummyBoss!

Grace Home is my baby, born out of love and passion, and nurtured continuously with again, even more love and passion.

I am grateful to each and everyone of you for all your support to my little endeavor. My heart is full with all your love and appreciation! Thank you for welcoming Grace into your homes.