Pillow Talk: The Launch of Grace Home Pillows

Last week, on June 8, we had a very enlightening and entertaining afternoon where friends gathered for an afternoon talk discussing the power of blogging and the influence of social media in our lives.

Dubbed "Pillow Talk," the event coincides with the launch of Grace Home's French Chic Throw Pillows at the posh Kirov Model Unit, Proscenium at the Rockwell Center.

Headlining our little discussion were some of my favorite people in the blogosphere: Janeena Chan, Martine de Luna, Cat Arambulo, and Michelle Aventajado.


It was an intimate affair and styled accordingly. Outside the venue, stylist extraordinaire Jo Claravall created a simple and elegant display to welcome our guests. Her beautiful setup integrated this lovely Grace Home product display.

Of course, I made sure that our newest products had a special place!

Inside, we prepared a cozy atmosphere, executed with the help of Nawwty's Kitchen by Trish Panlilio, who provided the delicious food and pretty flowers.

The Kirov Model Unit was transformed for this event -- naturally, by using the Grace Home pillows to change the look and ambiance of the space.

I think they fit in quite well, don't you agree?

In fact, we also anointed every room in the Kirov Model Unit with a Grace Home pillow. All of a sudden, the starkly sophisticated unit was transformed into one with a more French chic, bohemian vibe.

Talk and more

It was an event where the only thing on our agenda was to talk. Literally!

It was a free-flowing discussion about how being a blogger has changed our lives in more ways than one...

And how social media, in general, has affected and influenced us all.

So happy to see familiar faces and friends at the event too!

Well, we did more than talk. We also ate all throughout!

Trish Panlilio of Nawwty's Kitchen took charge of our menu. We had a delicious spread of spinach salad with warm bacon mustard dressing, deep fried baby squid with aioli, chicken on lemongrass stalks, saffron shrimp linguine. Then of course, our desserts were aplenty too!  We feasted on fruit salad frost, caramelized basil peaches, chocolate mud pie and French lemon tart! Fresh honey dalandan and watermelon mint juices were, of course, free flowing too!

I am working on some video snippets of the actual "talk" with my fellow bloggers. Stay tuned for Part 2!


To see what my guest bloggers Martine De Luna, Michelle Aventajado, Cat Arambulo wrote about the event, just click on their highlighted names.