It still feels unreal that I have my own line of home products. It had been something I had been dreaming about for a long time. And when I pursued the dream, the time I spent making it come true also took some time as well.

The idea started crystallizing at the beginning of this year. You know how it is, every dawn of the new year becomes that setting for reflection about what has happened and what new chapters are about to come.The Spoiled Mummy had been growing and I had met so many amazing people, taken memorable trips, and experienced wonderful things. I thought, what now, what’s next for me? At the back of my head, I knew it was time to tackle that passion project I had been scared to say out loud.

And when I did say it, when I told myself, maybe this is the time to create that home line, things started to happen quickly and fall into place. I had a pretty good idea about the products I was to start with—I wanted items that reflect the kind of stuff that I love to shop for and own. I was my own market, so to speak.

Eventually, things started to become more tangible. I had to determine my product line. Then I had to choose a name. Then the branding. Everyday, a decision had to be made to make this dream real. Packaging. Photo shoots. Product writeups. Endless meetings with suppliers and manufacturers. Late night writing. (Not to mention sleepless nights after that!) There was a whole behind-the-scenes production that was testing my patience and my passion…

Even as I look at them in front of me right now, I wonder how I got from that seed of a thought to last night’s reveal.

What is Grace Home, exactly? It’s a home line that houses two general things: 1) products I personally conceptualized, sourced and manufactured locally; and 2) products I curated from my travels.

Last night, I unveiled the first products of the Grace Home line.

First, the specially formulated Grace Home Candle, a premium candle with the scent of rose, talc, and basil. It is made of hand-poured, all-natural beeswax, which gives a completely smokeless burn, burns brighter than other candles, and has a high melting point so it lasts longer.

The Grace Home Candle comes in a lovely glass jar with a marble cover, an added touch of elegance and something not commonly seen in candle packaging. Marble stone is known to be unique, as such as no two pieces are exactly look alike!
The Grace Home Candle comes in a lovely glass jar with a marble cover, an added touch of elegance and something not commonly seen in candle packaging. Marble stone is known to be unique, as such as no two pieces are exactly look alike!

In a way, each Grace Home Candle is custom-made. This unique marble lid can be used as a cover to preserve the scented oils of the candle and make it last longer. Or it can be the jar’s coaster to protect the surface where the lit candle is placed on.

Next, I introduced Grace Home Room Fragrance which is made of fragrance oils from France, sourced directly from Grasse, the capital city of fragrances. I have spoken before about how I love using scents to complete a home—and using fragrance oils is another way I do this. I like how I have the choice to switch between fragrances depending on what my mood is.

Grace Home Room Fragrance comes in two specially formulated scents : Olive & Milk and Talc & Vanilla.


Talc and Vanilla is a sweet fragrance that is delicate, calming, and pleasing, while Olive and Milk has a fresh scent that is cheerful, comforting and relaxing.

Lastly, my first products from the Grace Home Paper and Stationery are gold-stamped note cards. These are perfect for all those moments in life that need commending and celebrating by putting thoughtful words on paper. I love handwritten notes—writing them and receiving them. It’s just so classy and charming, and I wish the art of writing letters never die.

The note cards are of premium paper with gold foil border and gold stamped decorative icons.


The icons I used for these notecards are quite playful—they are my little reminders to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. These icons are: the strawberry, which as you all know is a big favorite of mine, and a champagne flute, which is cheerful reminder of festive, celebratory occasions.

When I was thinking of Grace Home–why I’m putting this together and what I wanted to accomplish–I realized that it is about one thing I do believe in : creating that home that you and your family would love to come home to. At the end of the day, it really is all about the little details that spell a big difference. I am a believer in good quality and timeless elegance. For me, this means a commitment to creating a home that I and my family will treasure: one that is warm, welcoming, and simply cozy.

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